Baseball Sponsors

         Athletics is an investment. Student-athletes and coaches work long and hard to achieve goals on the field. As fans, parents, and alumni we make a personal investment. A great deal of our time, energy and emotion is devoted to following the Falcons & cheering them on. Frequently we make a financial investment in the program through travel, concessions, donations and more. We have many expenses from baseballs, helmets, travel, umpire & field fees to uniforms.  We also have future plans to continue to develop the facility.  There are many ways of helping build this program if you have the will and the philanthropy.


          We are in the midst of redesigning the booster program.  However below are some of the items that are needed to further train and protect our players.   Please contact Kevin Hornbeak for more information.


 Casey Pro 3G - Fastballs, Curves, Sliders variable locations

 Portable Batting Practice Pitchign

Tuff Screen Pitcher's "L"

Tuff Screen 8' x 8'



TUFF frame Modular Batting Cage System

 7' x 10' Shagger Screen

 Pro Ball Cart BC-300 with pneumatic wheels

 8 x 15 Trifold Screen

Arm Pitching Machine

Rookie Pitching machine