Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

What is the WCAC?

The WCAC (Washington Catholic Athletic Conference) is the most competitive conference on the east coast and is home to Our Lady of Good Counsel Falcons, St. John College Cadets, St. Mary's Ryken Knights, Paul VI Catholic Panthers, Bishop O'Connel Knights, Bishop McNamara Mustangs, Bishop Ireton Cardinals, Gonzaga College Eagles, Dematha Catholic Stags, and Archbishop Carroll Lions.  The Falcons compete for the WCAC Championship every May.  The winner is decided by a best of three game series.

Will my child be allowed to play other sports at Good Counsel?

Yes, we do not have any limitations on what sports the boys may play. Again, baseball is an activity and if your child wishes to play soccer, football, wrestling, etc. this will not be held against him while competing for a position in the spring.

What kind of commitment should my child be prepared for?
Even though our season runs from about the beginning of March to the end of May, most players train all year round. Players participate in camps, Fall and Summer Club leagues and most players participate in the weight training/conditioning program at the school. None of these activities are mandatory and they are not officially sanctioned in any way by the school.  However, in order to keep up with our competitors players typically have to do more on their own than just show up to tryouts.

How do I go about getting my child into the admissions process?
First, you should make contact with Coach Smith. You will want to schedule a "shadow day" for your son to be accompanied by a baseball student-athlete at Good Counsel throughout the day. You may also want to visit the open house which is usually the 3rd Sunday in November. Most information about the admissions process can be found on the Good Counsel website:

How should I stay in touch with the team and coaches?
The website, the website, the website. Almost everything is available on the website. All practices, cancellations, rescheduling, administration, events, and games are communicated through the website. During the school year it should be checked once a day. This does not take long and lunch or break-time will suffice. During summer, check the site at least once a week.

Where does practice take place?
Regularly scheduled practices will be held at Bottegal Field @ Good Counsel. Parents must provide transportation home from the field. Practice will end about 6:00pm. Players should be prepared to adjust their schedule on bad weather days. All sports compete for gym time. Prime times are not always available so sometimes we are in the gym at odd hours. When a decision is made to change plans due to bad weather or field conditions, an announcement will be posted on the website.

What kind of Medical procedures must my child follow?
Every boy who wants to play must have a physical on file with the school. He cannot participate in any baseball activity until that is done. Good Counsel has a training room with two full-time trainers. ANY injury should be looked at right away by Peter J. Kotz or one of the other certified athletic trainers. They and only they may release a player to practice or play (if injured). Also, if a player is absent or late for school and does not have an excused absence from administration he may not participate that day in any athletics.

What paperwork do you need from me?
When your child comes to Good Counsel, a good start is to get the player profile form filled out on this website and get your son's Proof of Birth turned in as soon as possible. This will be kept on file. You will also need to get a medical release form completed and submitted to the athletic director. The form is available online at:

Does Good Counsel offer athletic scholarships?
No, money is only awarded through financial aid on a need basis.

What is the difference between the Summer, Fall and Spring teams?
The summer and fall club teams are designed for student-athletes that wish to play baseball year round. The fall and summer teams are club teams and do not have tryouts and often can be filled out by players from other local area schools, including WCAC schools. The fall and summer club teams are coached by volunteers.  During the Spring tryouts are held and this is done on a competitive basis and is officially sanctioned by the school.